Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WOW...over a year...

I have been gone for a VERY long time...That is CRAZY considering I used to write almost every day.

Many things have happened since last I was here...the largest thing...I suffered a band slip.

Band Slip

Those are two very scary words in the lap band community...BAND SLIP...BAND PROLAPSE...never google either of these terms...I had what they called a Grade 1 slip...which basically means that when you look at at your band under fluoroscope instead of it being at an angle it is straight across...This makes some very weird shit occur. For instance, I would eat a meal and it would be fine...Then a few hours later I would feel like I had a "stuck"..some from a meal prior to my most recent once would come up...The next time I couldn't even get a protein shake down...It SUCKED.

I say don't google because you will feel horrible about yourself...My slip was caused by a skin from a popcorn kernel got stuck...My body fought for about 14 hours to get it out before all hell broke loose...Most slips are caused by overeating...The systematic abuse of your band will cause a portion of your lower stomach to come above the band...This was NOT what happened to me, but that is how everyone made me feel.

To cure a slip, the first step is to remove all the liquid from your band...if that doesn't work that they will have to go in and "unbuckle" the band...the theory is like a "watch band" when it gets pushed up your arm by unbuckling it will move back into the correct position...Luckily for me, simply draining my band did the trick...So, after they determine that your band is back where it should go they start to slowly refill you. I went from 5ccs to 0ccs. When I started getting fills I got 1cc at first...the doc wanted to go very slowly...I got .25ccs every 4-6 weeks...it took FOREVER to get even the tiniest bit of restriction... After 8 months and gaining 47 pounds I finally got a bit of restriction...But my spirit was broken...

The day of my band slip I weight 230.8 pounds...just .2 pounds away from losing that prized 100 pounds...Going from decent restriction to N-O-T-H-I-N-G f-ed everything up. Over the course of the following year I gained back more that 50% of what I had lost...I topped out at 288 pounds...That is only 42.6 pounds down from where I started (330.6).

It took me a long while to get my shit back in order. I found a new endocrinologist and got back on Metformin (to treat PCOS). I am re-focused and trying to not let the stress of moving and building a new house stress me out....Granted, that is easier said than done...I have managed to lose 14 pounds in 6 weeks...I am getting back to running and my goal is to get down to 245 by the time we move into our new house...I am hoping I can use my motivation and goal to keep my sanity over the next 3 months.

I don't know if I can do it, but I am sure as hell going to try!!!