Monday, March 10, 2014

There are some moments in your life where you would have to get better to die

That is how I felt this weekend.

What started a stupid cold ended up with me going to bed at 5 pm on Saturday...waking up off and on all night feeling nauseated and throwing up....At one point I was sleeping on the bathroom floor because getting out of bed was too hard....I finally got out of bed at 9 am only to move to the couch.

I ate nothing...I barely got fluids in me and that was only though sheer determination by the hubby to get me to drink my Gatorade.

I even posted on Facebook that feeling like crap would have been an upgrade from how I felt.

Thank god this only took 24 hours to get was the longest 24 hours of my life...

As you can imagine I am a little off as far as my diet goes...

Yesterday I ate 4 saltines, a banana, and a small bowl of egg drop soup.

Today I drank a protein shake, ate beef fried rice, and a hot dog....not exactly quality diet material.

I also haven't run in over a week....This is not good for my fat little self.

Tomorrow I am going to get my ass back in gear...I add one disclaimer to that...If this motion induced headache doesn't go away...the run will not happen!!

I will keep you posted...

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  1. I am sorry you have been sick, that has been going around my office too a weird mix of an aweful cold with a touch of stomach bug... its crazy. Hope you feel better soon