Thursday, October 2, 2014 has been a while

Disclaimer: My mind is a little scattered today. I apologize in advance for any weirdness or incomplete thoughts contained below

I am still here....I promise!

It seems like every time I think "Oooo I should blog about that..." It just doesn't happen. Something else comes up or I decide that I am too tired or I don't even acknowledge the thought in the first place. I mean this current post is being done only because I am bored and anxious. I am sitting in a "Baby Accounting" class full of Sophomores and not wanting to study for an auditing test that I don't really want to take. The simple fact that I am pretty sure I am going to fail the exam isn't helping matters much.

Random subject change #1

I am starving today...the only bonus is that I am not at home so I can't eat more than what I brought with me. I think this is the strep talking. Or at least my getting over the strep. When I get sick I tend to retain water. It isn't uncommon for me to gain 8-10 pounds over the course of 24 hours. It can be frustrating but when my daughter came down with Strep over the weekend I wasn't exactly surprised when the scale showed a 6 pound gain from Saturday to Sunday. Despite the fact that I was diagnosed with Strep I never really felt like I was sick. I was exhausted and achy but I never had a fever or a sore throat. It didn't stop me from eating but it did prevent me from working out. I made a short walk to the grocery store and felt like I had run a marathon. I was sweaty and clammy and felt HORRIBLE it was only .5 miles one way!!!

Random subject change #2

I got a fill last Friday. It was greatly needed. I hadn't really had any restriction since my unfill in July. It took a few weeks for the irritation in my stomach to go down and then it was like my band was just GONE. I am amazed at how much I forgot in regards to the rules for having a band. I didn't make the right food choices. I didn't chew correctly. I drank side. It was a bad three months! Luckily in that time I didn't gain any weight. I also didn't lose an ounce!!

Random Subject Change #3

Blah....ok I think I am done...hope to check in again soon!!! 

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