Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day four of pre-op diet and first Christmas celebration

Yesterday and today were by far the easiest days of this entire ordeal. I woke up both days almost jonsing for my protein shakes. Being around everyone with their food was painless, in fact most of it looked less then appealing...It was a HUGE improvement over the desire to lick the crumbs off of strangers plates on day 2.

Today was the "Brown Family Christmas Party"...It wasn't quite the celebration it typically is. For whatever reason that last few years illness has been attacking the small children and spreading to the adults. This year has been no different. My poor sister in law is the only one of her clan of five still standing. So needless to say they were missing...We were also missing two other sets of cousins and their kids.

Despite the missing family members the party was still fun...I look forward to Christmas Eve!

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