Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Beginning Weight (12/20/2012)- 330.6

Last Week’s Weight – 275

Today’s Weight – 279

Total Weight Loss – 51.6

I needed that photos....right there....that one that showed HOW bad I have been doing over the last two weeks...How far I have allowed myself to fall off the wagon.

Sure I have TONS of "reasons"....TONS of "excuses" that I could list off and drone on about but I won't. I have done that lately and obviously it hasn't made much of a difference. The only important thing is that I have CHOSEN to not eat what I should and I have CHOSEN to eat what I shouldn't!!

I have given up the makes me feel like crap...after three days I am going though a bit of withdrawal but I am starting to feel I am going to keep on keeping on!

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