Sunday, October 13, 2013

Completely off track

Well, I seem to have stalled.

The problem is NOT with the band or with the way my body is responding to the band.

The problem is between my ears...The part of my brain that controls what my fringers take up to my mouth!

I gotta do something...perhaps I will focus on getting the sugar out of my diet...I think once again I am going to put myself on a liquid protein diet for a few days...I obviously can't be trusted right now.

I hate when I get like this..I get so down on myself...and the worst part is that I do this to myself...I allow myself to eat something I shouldn't...I justify it as..."Oh I will just have one...and then I get back on track" and the sad thing is that I NEVER get back on track....until I hit rock bottom and decide that I just need to get my shit together.

That is about where I am...

And if I was ever going to pick a week to get my shit back in order it is this week...

My kids are on Fall Break and will be staying with their Papa most of the week...For whatever reason they think when they don't have school that they get to live at Papa's....If someone let me have free reign and eat whatever I wanted ALL THE TIME I would want to live there

I am going to strive to make better choices...increase my protein and water in take...REMOVE SUGAR FROM MY LIFE....and get back to working out every day!

So we shall see what happens this weigh-in Wednesday!

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