Saturday, November 23, 2013

10 things to get everything caught up...

1.  I have only two weeks before my final fall semester of my senior year of college is over. I am off for the next week and while it might be a "school break"  I have more homework due in that time then I have ever had due at one is kinda ridiculous!!

2. Over this last semester, I have been toying with the idea of getting an internship or trying to find a job for when I graduate. I have a confession...I haven't tried very hard. I applied for one was at Edward Jones...I went to an event called "Accounting Networking Night"  that was held on my college campus met a ton of accounting firms and made a short list in my head about where I thought I might want to work when I graduate.... Anyways, I got the internship at Edward Jones, which I just resigned from last night, but I got a call from a firm that was at the top of my short list of where I wanted to work...I never applied there never spoke to anyone outside of that networking night. End result? I spent two weeks in hell waiting to find out the result if the MOST FUN interview I have never had....I got the job!!!! I start in two weeks! I have a plan....I have four months to convince them that they cannot possible live without me...This is the prefect job that just seemed to fall in my lap....I just can't help but feel like this is going to work out in my favor in the long run!

3.I LOVE Curves Complete...It is is convenient, and I find myself surrounded by a TON of women who understand and support is what I have been missing this whole process....I also now have a eating plan that tells me what to eat and when to eat and makes it easy for me to follow. I love my LPN at my surgeons office but she wants me to live on protein shakes and I can't do that.

4. I graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Accounting in May!....That weekend I am going to throw a HUGE BBQ with friends and family and hopefully presents!

5. My baby poor darling baby girl has to have surgery on Monday. It isn't anything huge. She has an infected ingrown toe nail and the podiatrist doesn't want to torture her by holding her down to numb her they are going to knock her out and do it that way....She is panicking so I am focusing on keeping her calm....she will be fine but she will milk this for all that it is worth I can promise you that!

6. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done....I am super excited about that fact. The only thing that is dangerous about that is that fact that the longer I have with no shopping to do the more money I tend to spend on my kids....They are just so damn cute!

7. I have a secret...and I have kept said secret from everyone since lets see if I will be able to keep this secret for a few more weeks!

8.  I get to go see the new Hunger Games movie...I am so excited...I am totally and completely obsess with not only The Hunger Games but also with Jennifer Lawrence...We share a name and she is my hero! Despite the fact that she is younger then me!

9. I have to buy new more then just a single pair of pants to see me through. This new job that I got is in a professional office...that means skirts, dresses, and slacks with blouses and jackets....I don't own any that fit...ok I own exactly one set of dress slacks with a jacket....but they are getting to big...which is a good thing...but good lord this is going to be an expensive next couple of months!

10. In one week...on November 30th, 2013 I will be 29! That means that I have only 12 months until I turn 30....I am sure excited about that (No sarcasm here)...I cannot wait to be out of my "20's". All of my mom friends are at least 30 years older then me...I will always been the youngest mom but it would nice to not feel like the baby so much.

Well there is my ten things....hopefully everyone is a little more caught up and I will try really hard not to go so long in between posting....I need this little outlet and it is fun to share!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving week! And GOOD LUCK on the last 2 wks of school :)