Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My story of why I ended up crying on the treadmill

That title kinda makes me feel like I am one of those short story authors that don't tell you their new book is actually a collection of short stories....oh wait....I kinda am!

Story #1 - My day to day life with diet haters

Much like the rest of you (if anyone out there still READS this blog) I am on journey. I pretty much NEVER call it a "Diet"...I mean it is a diet in the sense that the definition of diet is  the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. For me, it is a lifestyle change as cliche as that sounds.

So on to the store of the day...I am not sure how much about me you all know...First, I am an overweight person who had lap-band surgery. With that I live on a high protein diet. Second, I am gluten intolerant. That last part is the one that most people seem to want to guilt me about...which I don't get.

I can't have donuts, pizza, bread, cake, cookies, pies...most things that I don't eat anyways!

When people realize this I typically have this conversation:

T=Them M=Me

T - "So you mean you can't have pizza?"
M - "No, the crust has gluten."
T - "I am so sorry..."
M - "Why?"
T -  "Craving food is the spice of life. It is just so satisfying to eat the foods you want."

Typically by this point I can't help but wonder when I mentioned that I wanted pizza. I used to eat pizza every Friday....I used to love donuts, and cake and cookies, but once I realized that I can't tolerate gluten I realized how SHITTY these food made me feel. After while you don't WANT to eat this stuff.

I miss sandwiches, but not enough that eating the pieces of the sandwich sans the bread won't cure it.

The conversation typically continues with....

T- "I feel so bad for you...I don't think I could do that."
M- "Meh, you get to a point where you don't even want it."
T - "Yeah, keep telling yourself that." (Typically laced with sarcasm)

I had this conversation today with a friend at school. He told me he was having pizza for dinner. I made the mistake of mentioning that I don't eat pizza...Interjected in the conversation above was the explanation that I was having stew (Creamy Beef Stew with mashed cauliflower). It is this BEAUTIFUL stew that it SO satisfying. Chalked full of vegetables and yumminess....SO MUCH BETTER THEN PIZZA. Yet, I am the one being pitied...I find this just as aggravating as when people find out that I have a lap-band and they whip out the "You don't need that...you are perfect the way you are." WTF??

Story #2 - Crying on the treadmill

Again for those of you that know me...I am training for a 5K. I am participating in The Graffiti Run on April 13th. My goal is to be able to run the ENTIRE 3.1 miles. I have been training with the Couch25K program. It is a step by step training program...It is kinda awesome...

Anyways...This last Saturday I completed Week 5 Day 1. That consisted of a 5 min warm up, 8 min job, 5 min walk, 8 min job, and a 5 min cool down....I was SO excited...I made it the first 8 minutes without stopping. I glanced at the next training day. That ridiculous program thought that I could go from barely running 8 minutes to running for 20 minutes non-stop.

Today I walked into the gym today at school. I was fully intending to repeat the last day. I couldn't help but think how ridiculous it was to thing that I...a fat chick weighing in at 277 (at last weigh in) could possibly run for 20 minutes non-stop. I had barely made it 8.

My husband ,while I was ranting about this ridiculous next step, kept telling me that endurance by this point was more about the muscle between my ears and not the ones on my legs. Between him and my test score in cost accounting (I kicked that test ass...I got an 89 when the class average is 72) I decided that I should at least try what was the worst that I could happen...I not make it?

So with my mind set and my music blaring in my ears I started my jog. Pretty soon I was at the 8 minute jogging mark....then 9....then 10...then 15...All the while I had a HUGE grin on my face...I no doubt looked crazy...then the 20 minute mark hit...that is not to say that it was easy...it took a lot of working though the pain and convincing myself not to stop...but I MADE IT!

It was at this point that I started to cry....I was so proud of myself...so overwhelmed with this achievement that tears rolled down my still smiling cheeks. I am fairly certain that no one noticed since I had gallons of sweat running down my face at the same time.

OMG....I...a fat, overweight women who had NEVER run that far or that long in her LIFE successfully ran 20 minutes!

I am tickled....and those are my stories for the day!

Give me a shout out if you are still out there!...Peace and love to all!!


  1. OMG what an awesome run. The 20 min mark on the c25k was scary to me too. But you did it and should be so proud of yourself... and hubby is right running is like 80% mental in my opinion.
    Great Job

    1. Thanks that means a lot. You are kind of my motivation for this whole thing. I was/am so amazed by you and your half marathon last year that one day I decided that I could just do it!

  2. Good work on the run! To hell with the food pushers in our lives. You know what is best for you, keep at it!

  3. I'm still here... And im incredibly proud of you!

  4. What an amazing moment! I smiled as I read about your triumph because I would have done the same thing. Congrats!