Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fun Five (FFF)

I missed Ten Things I am breaking out of the box...

Favorite Five Friday...

1) Snow Days - Two of them actually...I am one of those parents who has one kid in school and one at home. Snow days are both a vacation and a curse. I LOVE LOVE having the extra time with L but having two kids couped up in the house for two days straight is NEVER easy.

2)Faux-workouts - Due to be buried under snow...regardless of the preparedness of MoDot there is snow EVERYWHERE!!! Due to this little demon fluff I have been unable to make it to my favorite dancing past time...JAZZERCISE...I am beginning to wonder why it is the first week I decided that I am going to hit the gym everyday it snows and everything is closed for two days...Anywhoozle...In place of Jazzercise I spent my 4% shoveling snow...both days!!!

3)Feeling like you have been hit by a bus - This is the results of my "faux-workout". Apparently I am a girl and I lack the upper body strength to shovel snow with the correct form, according to my wonderful husband who DID NOT shovel the driveway yesterday. I use my legs and simply grip the shovel and using my abby muscles I twist to throw the snow. Now EVERYTHING hurts! My back is tired, forearms, legs, abs, gluts, shoulders...the list goes on. Even my feet hurt! It is days like this that show you the muscles that I miss at Jazzercise!

4)Pizza night - I am practically addicted to Papa Murphy's! There is no other place that you can find spinach and feta cheese as options for pizza toppings. I have eaten the same pizza every Friday night for 6 months. It is the Gourmet Italian on the DeLite crust. At 179 calories/13g carbs/10g protein per slice it isn't the worst thing to eat on a Friday night!

5)Constant Motivation - I have technically stolen this idea from The Biggest Loser. A few seasons ago one of the contestants used to write his goal weight on the inside of his arm to be a constant reminder of what he was working for. I did this a few years back and it helped me get to the lighest I have been since I got pregnant with L seven years ago. I used to use a sharpie, but do the the constant transfer (the number ended up on random parts of my body when I woke up in the morning) I was forced to come up with a new idea. My wonderful husband ( the same one who didn't shovel the drive way) mentioned the "Shimmer" product that the tooth fairy brought L when she lost her last tooth. It seems to be working well. I know it won't transfer but I will have to see how long it last with showering.

My goal by my next monthly weigh in. If I manage it then I will be down 30 lbs in 3 months.

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  1. I like your 5 things Friday! And I am excited for your goal next month. I know you will make it! Keep up the great work! :)