Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Reflections...

So I didn't post much this last week.

I was stressed!

I had a lot going on and while I was excited about the weight loss, it didn't really register on my radar...until today!

I woke up this morning and was like "Whoa...I lost almost four pounds in a week..."

I have to admit that this thought almost bothered me, at three in the morning I was laying wide awake pondering the changes I made last week and pondering how I could keep them going....

1) I got a fill
I don't know how much this actually did for me. I have to admit that regardless of knowing there is more liquid in my band "Beatrice" is still MIA.

2)Plan Diet
I FINALLY got the information on what and when I was supposed to eat. For the last six weeks I have just been kinda winging it. One of the best tidbits of advice I got was that I should take in 30-50 grams of protein every three hours. The NP likened it to tending a fire. Honestly, I think this made the largest difference in my weight loss. It was the one big change that I made after my fill.

I focused on making sure that I got my protein in every time I was supposed too...I can't say that it helped with the hunger cravings but it seemed to help... definitively didn't hurt!

3) Movement
I moved more this week then in the past. It wasn't a huge change to be honest. I increased my average per day by only fifteen minutes.

So that was my pondering....moving on

Random discovery that I made...Atkins not makes frozen dinners and breakfasts...they are AWESOME!!!

They inspired my new breakfast experiment...Tex Mex Scramble

It is much better then I had hoped!(Recipe is on the recipe page)

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