Monday, February 25, 2013

Having a dilemma...

As the title might suggest...I am having a bit of dilemma

To give a bit of background on my life...

My husband is a delivery driver for UPS. This means that we have next to no consistency when it comes to what time the love of my life arrives home. Typically we eat dinner together whenever he get homes. In my "Pre-Lapband" life this worked just fine. I would hang around and wait for him to come home. Some times I would make things like casseroles in advance. The thing I noticed the most "Post-LapBand" is that I spent a TON of calories on various things....Specifically eating off my kids plates. After all this imbibing of calories I would then eat dinner...again!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE eating dinner with my hubby. It is the closest to a normal adult moment we get on a normal basis.

So now that you have the history...this is my dilemma...

Should I do what is best for me and eat dinner at 5 pm when I am hungry instead of waiting for my hubby?

The husband in question constantly tells me that I need to take care of me first. Do what is best for me...But I SO don't work that way!

Any thoughts...


  1. Yikes. This is a tough one. But I know how hungry I get between meals; and I know how many 'BAD DECISIONS' I make when I am hungry like that. So in my opinion, I think you need to listen to your body. Eat dinner @ 5pm. Then, you can enjoy a healthy snack later with your hubs. It doesn't take the time away from you. You can still spend time with him. You just won't be eating a full meal. You can talk with him and catch up on how everybody's day was.

  2. I have this same issue. My husband gets home usually between 7:30 and 8. That is so late to eat. I usually get home around 6 and have dinner around 6:30 - 7, which is still late but not as bad as 8. The kids and I used to wait for him to get home but I noticed I was gaining weight because I was eating so late. Not good. So.....since I had this surgery for one else just me....I eat without him. Sometimes even without the kids. I eat when its time for ME to eat. I do however sit with him and/or the kids when they eat. Maybe have a sugar free desert or just drink my water and chat.