Thursday, July 17, 2014

Post 2 of 2 in the same day (The Rant)!

I didn't want to post my philosophical rants along with my weigh in. There is just something...weird about that for me...Don't know why...Call it a quirk!

Tomorrow my daughter has a birthday party to go to. It is a party for her cousin. My beautiful niece turned 6 today. She is having a spa party for some friends and my daughter is included.

The only problem is that L is Gluten Free...her friend's parent typically make arrangements for her so that she can participate. However, my family is clueless. My mother in law on more than one occasion has given L stuff she shouldn't and most of the time they try and make me feel like I and the one that is being ridiculous when I call them out over it.

*Disclaimer: Family if you are reading this and think that I am reading the situation wrong feel free to contact me in a civilized fashion and we can discuss it. If I get an irate phone call it won't end well for either of us. This blog is about me...not you!

My sister in law (not the one having the party) doesn't eat gluten and everyone seems to respect this, but not when it involves L and me. It is flat out STUPID.

Anyways, I purchased gluten free bread (wasn't feeling up to digging out the bread maker) and made L some pb&j finger sandwiches and made a gluten free chocolate chip cookie since my niece doesn't like cake and will be having a cookie cake at her party. I want her to have fun but eating gluten royally f-ups  her entire day/week/month/life!

We don't have Celiacs...L's best friend does...but we don't...we have gluten intolerance...that means we are ALLERGIC to it...and hence shouldn't eat it...It won't kill us, but it still hurts us.

After the party she is going to spend the night at her besty's house...I can take a deep breath once she goes over there. A and her mom both have Celiacs which means they have a gluten free house. It is the same reason why T feels comfortable bringing her daughter over to my house. It is a safe zone. I don't have to worry about people knowing that pretzels do in fact have gluten (which is something I have had to explain to family before). It is....nice!

Don't get me wrong I love my friends they try their best and I appreciate it!...It is my family that drives me nuts...It isn't even MY family it is my HUSBAND's family. I love them but they drive me crazy!


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