Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conclusion to the Anniversary story

So yesterday was my 5 year wedding anniversary to my wonderful hubby and the father of my children!

So after the chaos that was this morning we went out to celebrate!

First stop was the driving range...It was so much fun!

I ended up taking lots of photos of the hubby hitting the ball but didn't think to have him take any of me...I will do that tomorrow!

After the driving range we went to Ya Yas! I once again got the fish is SO dang good! Wood grilled fish steak, creamy polenta, sauteed brussels sprouts with bacon.....YUM! This time the fish was a blue marlin. Dinner was nice. The restaurant was a bit loud but over all enjoyable. We even had dessert! D got the chocolate soufflĂ©...again. I got the Raspberry Lemon Trifle. It was over dessert that we FINALLY exchanged gifts!

I gave D his ring...pictured below!...It is engraved with the words "5 yrs since I do! 4-19-2013" I thought it was cute!
D gave me this!
It is a charm for my medical alert bracelet. I LOVE IT! It has actual sapphires on it and it is sooo pretty!

So after our desserts and gift exchange we went to a movie. We saw Oblivion...that has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen!!! I strongly advise you to check it out.

So on a random note that has very little do with my anniversary...which rocked....

When I got up this morning I had so many things to get done that I just wasn't feeling the whole getting dressed thing...So I started by staring at my pile of clothes trying to decide what would fit with how fat I was feeling today. I used to have this a lot before I got banded...Anywho...So there I was having a fat girl moment when I spied my ONLY pair of jeans. I let out an "ugh" at the thought of squeezing into the tight demin and dealing with the button digging into my belly was not appealing. 

I knew that I would eventually squeeze into them for my date night, but I wasn't ready for it...

So I slapped on my capri yoga pants that are a bit on the big side and went about my day with a purple tank top.

Later the time came to put on the dreaded demin contraption that I loathe. I looked down at them and began the process one leg at a time. I pulled them up and prepared for the moment when I would have to suck everything in order to get them buttoned and pull up the zipper. 


Not only was there no trouble...but they were loose...fresh out of the dryer and hadn't been worn since they went though the wash and they were LOOSE. This became more irritating as the day went on because ever few seconds I had to pull them up....Exciting! But irritating!

I also learned that I can remove them without unbuttoning them at all!

I might actually have to buy a new pair soon!

Ok that is enough for tonight...I am tired and giddy and want some sleep!


  1. There is nothing better then growing out of the dreaded jeans!! Great job.

  2. I love jeans from the dryer that aren't tight! Good work!

  3. Love the gifts you exchanged! Happy Anniversary! Great NSV you had! Keep up the great work!

  4. no dreading the dryer shrinkage anymore!

  5. Yay! I see a new size in your near future!!