Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Curse you Scrambled Eggs...


How I love thee...but alas we are not destined to meet in the future. I am sorry but it is over. It isn't me it is you!



I love those light and fluffy, sausage filled, cheese covered clouds that were the FIRST thing I ever learned how to cook...I can no longer eat them it seems. Since the first time I tried to eat them after having my Lap-Band surgery I have had problems...has this stopped me from trying? NO!....Why you might ask? Be cause I...am an idiot!

I made them this morning for my kids and decided that if I focused on chewing REALLY REALLY well then I would be fine. Well a long story short and my scrambled eggs were replaced by a protein shake and Greek yogurt...Both soft liquidy foods to soothe the pissed off skinny person currently bear hugging my stomach!

Well, other then scrambled eggs...I am doing better with my stupid wonderful band restriction. Don't get me wrong I love it...I am just not used to it...I will admit that developing a working knowledge of what you can and cannot eat is a bit painful and does entail a bit of panic when it comes time to eat. I am navigating the waters well and I am loving the results. I find myself not really wanting the things that I can't eat and most of the things that I can't eat are things that I shouldn't...so that is just an added bonus.

Ok well, I am off to make dinner for my two sick kids...Life hates me this week...lol!


  1. Eggs, though not being off limits, are one of my "careful foods." They can be a pain filled item... :)

    Sometimes the lesson are hard to learn, been there!

  2. Wow, that seems surprising to me! It will be interesting to be what my 'foods to avoid' wind up being... RIP, Pumpkin + scrambled eggs :(

  3. Scrambled Eggs have been a problem for me too. Sad I know. I can do over easy tho! So you might want to try them that way, I got stuck like 3 times on scrambled eggs. Trying each time to make them less dry then the previous time. Still didn't work. Good luck!

  4. I can't do scrambled eggs ..but I can eat a fried or poached egg..go figure!

  5. I sometimes have trouble with scrambled eggs, but the other day I ate some with no problem. Thank goodness because I have missed them too!