Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1) Had a Finance 3500 test today...Was UBER confident when I left the test and all afternoon. When I got home I randomly decided to check and see if my teacher had posted the grades...I didn't really thing she had but I checked anyways...I can be a bit obsessive about it...Anyways, I was B U M M E D!!! I got an 84%! While this is better then my last test which I bombed it wasn't any where near as good as the first test...I hold myself to a high standard and I just haven't been meeting it lately.

2) I LOVE STUFFED PASTAS!...Alas they do not love me. When ever I eat pasta in general I feel like someone smacked me with a pause button. I feel like crap. There is just something wonderful about things filled with ricotta cheese. I don't eat stuffed pastas EVER. I do however eat stuffed meatballs....I developed this recipe about a year ago to calm the craving I had for ricotta cheese stuffed wonderfulness. I made these for dinner tonight...They...are...awesome....Here is a pic!
4) My Mommy is coming to visit. I know it might be a bit odd that a married, 28 year old mother of two is excited about her mom, but I am....I haven't seen her since Christmas. I can't wait until she moves here and I can see her all the time!!!

5) Golf - I have recently taken up golf....well re-taken up is technically more accurate. I played with my dad when I was younger and up until September of last year I hadn't hit a ball in ten years. Recently my hubby and I got a membership at the local golf course. Well there are like 9000 local courses but this is the one is pretty, offers a membership, and is both on my hubby's way home from work and my way home from school! I know that going to the range isn't much of an exercise regimen but I did burn 300 calories while I was there...not too shabby for hitting 160 little round balls in 60 minutes!

6) My accounting teacher's daughter had her baby. This isn't really about me or has anything to do with me...but I am still excited!

7) UMSL is going to be the death of me...My schedule is dumb next semester. But that doesn't seem to be news to anyone who knows the school.

8) Blog-o-verse - I love love love all the blogs that I follow. I love all the people that follow mine. It is so nice to know that I am not alone in all of this. That there are others there to offer advice where my family and friends don't understand and can't quite help as much as they would like. I heart you all!!!

9) Sick/Responsible children- My poor little boy is sick. I took him to the doctor and was told that he has a virus. I HATE when I take them in and they tell me that. I wish I hadn't wasted my ten dollars on them telling me to keep doing what I was doing...
Really is sick...just a dang happy baby!
At least my daughter is feeling fine. Not that she would tell me. She is OVERLY responsible. I told her today that I was going to let her play hooky from school when Grandma came into town...and she FREAKED out. "No mommy, I don't want to miss school. I love Miss Glenn and I can't leave her alone!" So the idea of a ditch day from school might be dead in the water. Here is a photo of L doing her chores...she is very responsible!

10) Peace of Mind - I got pounced on by one of those door to door people. "We aren't selling anything we want to give you our stuff for free." Typically this statement is followed by an explanation of how much this FREE things is going to cost. Well this was slightly different. In exchange for putting their sign in my yard I got a free security system. I got two door sensors, a glass break sensor, and a heat/smoke sensor. I also got an app for my smart phone that allows me to control my system. I really wanted this in the horrible chance that something happens to Doug and I, the kids can call for help! $53 bucks a month isn't bad for a $2000 system.
Pretty touch screen operating system!


  1. Your kiddos are beautiful. And they seem SO happy.

  2. Your little boy might be sick but your is OMG so adorable!! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. I love anything with Ricotta too. I love the stuffed meatball idea! Thanks for sharing! I will be making these!! YUM!! Tonight I am going to try Cauliflower pizza calzones. They look so good! So jealous that your daughter does her chores so well!! Mine are 15 & 16 and I have to harp... Love reading your blog too by the way! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Hate that your little one is sick. At least now you know.