Wednesday, May 8, 2013

19 weeks and counting

Beginning Weight (12/20/2012)- 330.6

Last Week’s Weight – 293.4

Today’s Weight – 291.2

Total Weight Loss – 39.4

There is a common theme among the blog-o-verse. Maintenance people spout about how there is no finish line and people currently losing still have a finish line in sight.

I for one and loving the journey...I love everything I am learning about myself and my body.

It is SO hard to believe that it has already been four weeks...I am going in to see my wonderful Nurse Practitioner to see how I have done this month...and hopefully get a teeny tiny fill...I had WONDERFUL restriction after the last one but over the last two weeks it has faded away...:(!

I shall keep you posted! Until then...  


  1. Nice loss- great job!

  2. You are doing so great :) And I LOVE your new profile pic!

    I think it's awesome that you're able to not obsess over losing the weight ASFASTASYOUCAN, but rather take the time to learn important (and lasting) lessons along the way about food, your body and general attitude in life. Go you! :-D

  3. wow- i'm so impressed! great job =)

    i'm a holistic health coach and would love to be your partner in successful weight loss and healthy living!

    I would love to talk with you about your goals 910-578-2962

    or you can shoot me an e-mail at

    (I didn't see an e-mail on your site otherwise I would have put all this in that :)

    Looking forward to talking with you soon!

  4. Here's the link to my site. :)

    I'm running a special discount for the next two clients that sign-up! I would love to extend this to you =)