Sunday, May 19, 2013

New experiance

Well for those of you who read my last post...I gained this week...

This has prompted me to make a few changes and try some new things.

One of those is a new brand of protein is called 1st Phorm Level 1, I got the Chocolate Mocha.

It is a whey and egg white protein mixture.

Up until this point I had only tried the Nectar Brand proteins and they are think as water. They are nice when you want an iced coffee or want a protein to dump into a yogurt or something...but they S U C K on the smoothie side.

So I bought this protein that my Daddy suggested and it makes the BEST smoothie I have ever had.

So this leads into my second new thing...

I have decided that I need to change my eating habits...for the next few weeks at least...

I am 99% sure that my gain was water and I was thinking to myself..."What is the quickest way to purge water weight?" I have no answer to that question, what I do have is the one thing that makes me pee a lot. I upped my protein. I mean A LOT. I eat 5 "meals" a day and I have traded out 3 of them for protein shakes. They consist of 1 cup of ice, 3/4 cup water, and one scoop protein powder. I run it though my blender bullet and voila breakfast, morning snack,lunch,afternoon snack...and sometimes afternoon snack...

Ok so apparently, I eat 6 meals a day...who

Anyways...To recap...I tried a new protein and I changed my eating habits...Next new thing...

I went to a baseball game...A Cardinal's game to be exact...and it was two games in one week!

The first game was for "Girl Scout Night @ Busch Stadium". We got seats up in the nose bleed section for $14 a person. It was my baby girls first game and she had WAY more fun than I did. She loved having her friends there...

The second game (When the picture was taken ->), was on Friday and it was an end of the academic school year and Beta Alpha Psi (My honors frat that I am pledged this semester). It was fun to hang out with a bunch of Accounting majors where alcohol was involved. I had two things at the park. A protein shot that I carry in my purse for emergencies and a bottle of water. I am very proud of myself!

I did have an NSV tied to this baseball game adventure.

That jersey that you see me in that a mens XL. Even though it isn't buttoned in the photo it does button.

When I started the surgery a men's XXL wouldn't have buttoned. A XXXL would have fit fine.

In all the times I have tried to lose weight I have NEVER gone down a size. I am excited about this because in the past I couldn't have a team jersey because I wouldn't have found one that fit.


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  1. Congrats on the smaller size!

    Btw, to lose water weight you drink more water. ;)

    When you Dont drink enough water you body will retain it. Up your water and the body will release it.