Friday, May 3, 2013

"No one puts baby in the corner"....

So after my depressing realization yesterday...I have to admit that I was struggling with all the negative voices in my head that were telling me that I was a failure.

Today, wasn't much better!

Three weeks ago I made an appointment with my academic adviser to get information on applying to grad school. That appointment was for today at 12:30pm on campus.


Before this happened...I had emailed my douchebag of a professor to ask his advice about what I should do for the final. His response...."If you haven't figured out my test by this point in the semester, you most likely aren't going to." His next little nugget of knowledge he decided to impart on my depressed self, "Perhaps you should consider changing your declared major to something easier and accept that fact that you might not be cut out for the accounting world"


Ok, so after I stopped crying after I received this e-mail I left for my advising appoint.

I strolled into the office of the worlds most greatest academic adviser and began to explain my situation...I told her about how I thought I wasn't going to do well in Financial Accounting and Report 1. I asked her what she thought I could do.

Her response?....

"Perhaps Finance would be a better major choice for you." She proceeded to tell me that if I am struggling with taking tests that perhaps being an accountant wasn't for me.

I was devastated. I cried the ENTIRE walk back to my car. Well, I didn't start crying until I called my mom to tell her what the adviser said...I couldn't even finish my first sentence. I broke down to the point where I almost couldn't breath as I moped though the parking garage.

Nothing like being told that you should rethink your dreams to put things in perspective.

So I have been thinking for the last few hours and this is what I have determined:


Not only am I not going to give up....I AM GOING TO PROVE THEM WRONG!!!!

I am going to graduate....I am going to get my Masters....I am going to be a CPA...and I am going to make my kids proud of me.

Oh yeah...and I am going to be the skinny bitch I know I have inside!

Suck it nay sayers!!!


  1. You can be whoever you want. Don't let other people ruin you're dreams. Be the strong amazing woman you are and prove them all wrong. We've got your back!

  2. Awesome! You've got it! It just sometimes takes us a little longer than we think it should!

  3. I am shocked by the email your professor sent you. That is just atrocious. Funny aside, I have also gone back to school to get my accounting degree, but I still have about 3 years to go. I know you can prove them wrong!