Monday, May 6, 2013

What a wonderful Monday....

I have been fighting a sinus infection since Saturday morning...I have been a little miserable ..My Dad told me he decided that this last week was a test of my endurance...I have to agree with him!

This week is already better...

My sinus infection is on its way out...

I bought a stationary exercise bike last Friday, gotta love put it in my living room where my chair used to be...Now I don't have any excuse not to get my exercise in for the

Very happy...very sweaty me after 45 minutes on my bike watching Undercover Boss
I managed to get all my homework done over the weekend so all I have left is to study for my dreaded accounting final...

I am looking forward to Wednesday's weigh-in...Get this week of stress and illness behind me!


  1. I love craigslist as well! Great finds on there...nice new chair!

  2. Good luck with your final

  3. Glad things are looking up for you! Good luck on your final.

  4. Great idea to place the stationary bike where you'll use it most!! Good luck on your final!