Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So last night was fun...(Please read the sarcasm)

I have debated on writing this post today...

With all that is going on in Oklahoma with the tornado and the death...My flooded garage is not a huge disaster.

So this is what happened...

I got out of class last night at 8 pm. I rushed to my car because there was lightening dancing in the sky almost continuously. It was freaky!

Anyways...as I was driving home I was driving though weird patterns of rain. Some of it was misty and some was coming down so hard that my wipers couldn't clear it. I couldn't wait until I got home. I pulled into the safety of my garage and looked out in the clouds glad that I was safe and that I would weather the storm at home safe and when the sun came up everything would be fine.

This was true...for about 45 minutes.

I heard this weird noise coming from downstairs and a weird vibration in the floor that I knew wasn't normal. I called to my hubby, since I was indisposed at the time, he went to go check out what was going on in the garage. Keep in mind that I thought it was simply the garage door being blown in. My hubby opened the door and was greeted by a RUSH of water that was three inches above  bottom of the door.

WE HAD 7 INCHES....S E V E N INCHES of water filling up my garage.

The sound I had heard was flash flood RIPPING the tracks of my garage door out of the wall and allowing the river of water to fill my garage.

If we had known we wouldn't have opened the door. Apparently the door is sealed VERY well sealed since we didn't have any evidence of water coming in around the door. This is what my hallway (the only part that flooded IN the house) looked like after the "Opening the door" fiasco.

In the heat of the moment...I forgot to take a photo of how the garage looked...It was....I don't even know how to explain what that moment was like. To be wading into your garage while you have paint cans floating around in the water that is about two inches above your ankles.

Here is the water line on my garage door...Keep in mind the door threshold is about three inches below the water line.

So...I simply went to bed last night...I didn't do anything other then pull my golf clubs out of the SEVEN inches of water. I just went to bed...lol

When I got up this morning the work began...My mom got me a wet/dry vac...a high powered one at that. Once I got home and I got it put together I began to suck up the water that made my carpet sound like I was walking though a puddle. I mean like a cartoon sloshing sound it was RIDICULOUSNESS!

It took me four hours...but I managed to SUCK out almost 10 gallons of water from my carpet.

This is only about half of the water that came out! (12 gallon bucket)

I sprayed down my garage floor getting rid of 90% of the silt that came in with the water. I fixed my garage door so that it was once again attached to my house...well actually my dad did it, but I am stealing the credit. I pushed the excess water out of my garage and once again became thankful that my house is grated forward slightly so that all the excess water from last night flowed back out a few minutes after it came in.

At the end of the day...My carpet is still on the wet side of damp but I have three box fans currently blowing on it. My garage has some wet drywall but they have been sprayed down with bleach water and my door is fixed. All in all it wasn't near as bad at it could have been.

The very very upside...I burned 1000 calories cleaning up my house...lol...granted only like 500 of that was from the actual cleaning the rest I would have burned anyways...

*Sigh*     *Yawn*

Ok I am off to bed!


  1. hey..great job..you made it through a disaster and found a positive..sometimes life just throws you a curveball...You handled it gracefully!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a disaster!