Monday, June 17, 2013

S'Mores = EVIL!!!

Let's just get one thing straight...

S'mores are NASTY!

But their components...Ok more to get straight....

I DESPISE marshmallows!

I don't eat them with few exceptions...Rice Crispy Treats and Rocky Road Ice Cream...

Of the components...what I do like are the chocolate and the graham crackers.

Especially if you were to make a sandwich out of the crackers and chocolates and place them in the toaster oven and melt them slightly...That is like an orgasm for my mouth!

It is the one snack that I have YET to master my resistance too.

I am not a chocolate person...and I am not a cracker person...but put the two damn things together and I can't resist them...

I CANNOT wait until they are out of the house!

1 comment:

  1. mine...are oreos...I just can't have those suckers in the house..they are my kryptonite!