Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sugar detox...

So I read this blog...300 Pounds Down

Holly is a real inspiration to me

She has an amazing story and you should totally check it out of you don't follow her.

She didn't have lap-band surgery but I have learned that it doesn't matter what type of WLS you had we are all a family.

I have gotten this idea from her...

I have been tired, moody, and suffering from head hunger.

I have one idea as to why...

Too much sugar!!!

So I am going to follow Holly's lead and do a sugar detox. I am going to spend the next three days only drinking low sugar protein shakes. I know that this won't be easy...but I did it for a week when I was on the pre-op diet and I can do it again. For the same reason...To get what I want out of life!

I shall keep you posted!


  1. I need to do this too! I have been struggling with sugar lately. Keep us posted on your success!