Friday, June 14, 2013


I am kinda breaking the rules for this whole "Ten Things Thursday".

I decided that I was going to come up with a themed one.

My theme for this week is "Ten Things I look Forward to When I get closer to the Keep on going line"

  1. Being able to move easier...
    I have to be honest. I have NEVER been one of those over weight girls who had to get help getting off the couch or dreaded sitting on the floor. I am one of the first people at my house to take a seat at the coffee table on a cushion on the floor or wrestle around with my kids in the grass. I have no trouble getting back up to my feet it just isn't as graceful then I would like...That is what I look forward too...Being able to tuck my feet underneath me and just stand up!
  2. Taking a bath...
    I take baths now, they are just a bit awkward. I look forward to the day that I can sit in the water and not touch the side of the tub unless I want to.
  3. Shopping for clothes...
    I am sure this is the lament of EVERY overweight women on the planet. I typically walk into a store, go to the "Women's" section and find a sea of paisley, hibiscus, and daisy printed fabric cut into shapeless bags that I vividly remember my 94 year old Grandma (Rest her soul) wearing during the summer. Every article of clothing that I have at my disposal makes me feel shapeless and O L D! I hate it. Then their are crazy stores like Lane Bryant where you get fabulous fat people clothes but they cost WAY more for one shirt then my entire clothing allowance for a month. I cannot wait to walk until I can walk into Kohl's and buy a Vera Wang out fit for my high powered accounting job!
  4. Sex with the lights on...
    I think that one is pretty self explanatory and to explain would lead to a TMI and I don't want to go down that road.
  5. Feeling I look like the wife my hubby deserves...
    I know my husband loves me. We have two beautiful kids so I know that he finds me attractive, but still...Before me my husbands taste in women could be summed up in the following:
    1- Five Foot Three Inches tall (I am 5'7")
    2- Size 2-4 (Was an 18W when we met)
    3- Perfect boobs (They are just sad)
    4- Toned body ('t apply!)
    So with all this information...he chose me. Which I feel awesome about, but one of his ex-girlfriends is a friend of mine and I have to admit I feel a bit inadequate...I look forward to that changing...
  6. Wearing the same outfit two seasons in a row...
    This one is kinda tied into the shopping one...but I would LOVE to have outfits that fit for more than one year. I mean my shirts almost always fit, it is my shorts and pants.
  7. Looking in the mirror...I have a weird brain. I think I am a HELL of a lot cuter then I actually am. If I never look in a mirror or have a photo taken I think I am this awesomely cute girl. Then I look in a mirror, my first thought is "Ah crap...I am fat." I would love for that to go
  8. Christmas Cards...
    I HATE being on the family Christmas cards. It is more like I hate being in family photos in general, but these are sent to every member of our family. I can't wait until I am proud of the christmas card photo.
  9. Beach Body P90x/Insanity...
    When I get closer to my goal weight I am going to start doing my husband's workout routine, it will make all my muscles toned and awesome so that I can't have the best possible results...I look forward to it!
  10. Skin removal surgery...
    This one I CANNOT wait for...I can't wait to have all this stretched and droopy skin removed. I have spoken to a plastic surgeon and he explain that he won't do anything until I have been at a stable weight for one year. I figured it was a good idea to check with them first. Nothing is more depressing then going to an appointment and being told you don't I am avoiding that by checking in on the rules first.


  1. I always felt much cuter (and younger) than I look(ed). Even getting thinner and better looking has not cured me of hating myself in the mirror and pictures.
    I try to avoid eye contact with myself all the time. I hope to get over this at some point. I am glad you posted about that; I feel less alone in this now.

    1. You are most assuredly not alone...we can be reflection haters