Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Somedays I HATE being a parent....

My baby girl...

My precious little 6 year old...

For the first time in her life...Has strep!

She is miserable...She has a fever of 101.9, a sore throat, and can't keep much down.

She isn't hungry and is kinda weak...


I just want to scoop away her pain and take it in myself so that she doesn't have to feel this horrible.

I have spent most of the morning sitting with her and stroking her hair (that is what my mom used to do when I was sick)

The worst part of being a parent is knowing you aren't able to protect them from the pain.

I sent my poor little baby boy to his Grandfather's house. I figure the less he is exposed the better off I am in the long run. Boy I hope he doesn't get sick too!

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  1. yikes...hope she gets better soon for BOTH your sakes!