Saturday, July 13, 2013

I am never going to drink again...

OMG I had SOOO much fun today...

My hubby and I got invited out on a winery trip. Missouri is wine country...which is not something I new before I moved here...

We had SO much fun but I drank WAY WAY WAY too much.

I apparently can't handle my wine as well as I used to.

We went to Montelle first. They have free wine tasting...who ever came up with that was a genius! At Montelle, they have this GREAT wine that is call Stone House White. It is a semi-sweet wine that was so easy to drink...which was part of the problem.

We got crackers, salami, four different types of cheeses and just sat on this BEAUTIFUL terrace over looking the country side. It is a breathtaking site!

The only draw back to this winery was that we apparently missed the memo that stated that all guys should be in polo shirts with khaki pants and the women should be in sun dresses. We on the other hand were wearing jeans and shirts. It was hilarious to us...

After our bottles were empty and the cheese and crackers were gone we moved on to Blumenhof. It was another winery where the tasting is free!

We got this....

This was an AWESOME sweet wine...for $26 bucks a bottle it had better be good!

I had too much to drink by this point and was having very inappropriate conversation with my friend E while we were here.

We fit in much better here...everyone else was in jeans and shirts as well....We dubbed it the "Redneck Winery"

I needed this...I have been so wound up lately over school and my impending trip that I need a fun day out with some adults.

After the drinking was over, I was hurting...the hangover headache started early. I suffered though most of dinner and ice cream but the Thai food was AMAZING and Oberwise was wonderful as always. They have this no sugar added frozen yogurt which make the fat girl in me VERY happy but keeps me on track....

While all this was going on...My kids had a blast as well...they went to the church picnic and rode rides until there little heads fell off... They spent the night with my dad as is there normal Saturday night routine and they can't way to go to the picnic again tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a great time, aside from the hang over :) I think wine and cheese sounds like a fabulous idea!!