Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Le sigh....

Beginning Weight (12/20/2012)- 330.6

Last Week’s Weight – 282.2

Today’s Weight – 283.2

Total Weight Loss – 47.4

Gain of 1 pound...I can't say that I am surprised...

My eating and activity were on point...July 4th was my only bad day...but the scale was not being my friend all week. I am thankful that it wasn't as high as it has been earlier in the week. That would have made me depressed...

My wedding ring isn't fitting...I am retaining water...not sure is the next thing on my list of crap to figure out....(I am pretty sure this is where the extra pound is from)

I had my final in accounting today...I had a 98% going into the final and now by an act of God I may end up with an A-. Most likely I will end up with a B+. Most ( read as normal)  people would be happy with that...not me. I won't cry over a B+ but I am a bit irritated at myself.

Well, I now have four more days until I drive to my moms...I am not looking forward to being away from the hubby for two weeks but I shall survive!



  1. Good job on your final!! You will get back on track with your weight loss. Stay positive and chin up!

  2. Water weight can def. effect the scales, my body does not handle sodium well AT ALL... so I feel ya. Hopefuly once you get that figured out you'll see the scale moving again :)
    Good Luck with your trip to your moms. Keep us posted along the way!

  3. make sure that you are getting tons of water to help flush the water that you are retaining out. when it's hot, if you get low on fluids, your body will 'hold' onto water to keep you from dehydrating--which might be why you are swollen. You are doing great!