Tuesday, May 27, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 2 (Fair warning - LOTS of sharing)

So...just a few thing about today....

Goal #1 - Posting about my life
Technically this happened yesterday...

My beautiful baby girl learned how to ride her bike without her training wheels for the FIRST TIME EVER!

As you can see she is VERY proud of herself and VERY excited!!

Goal #2 - Exercise
So yesterday and today I didn't feel like was unable to workout outside. So, I decided that I would use a Christmas present that I got a few years ago...it is called....


I am so sore...the little sensors are mean and it makes you all sweaty...the only real drawback is the music is HORRIBLE...but I can get over it!

Here is what the Bodymedia band read out looks like...

I am VERY proud of myself. I didn't wanna...but I did...YAY me!

Goal #3 - Eating
I did REAL well today...Which is saying A LOT since my band is non-existence.

I had a Lean 1 shake...with Chai powder, banana, powdered peanut butter.
A (homemade) bento box - ham cheese rolls, strawberries and bananas, and colby jack cheese (See picture)

Two Nectar protein shakes
1/2 Joey Jr (naked)

This is where it went wrong...After working out I ate some tuna to bump up my protein and a HUGE over sized Crunch bar called my name and I gave in...I am over my calories by 600 calories...which is the entire candy bar...and 1/2 my daily goal...I gotta knock that shit off...It ends now!

I am not going to never eat a candy bar every again, but I need to figure out something...perhaps I can make my peanut butter/banana chocolate things instead.

Goal #4 - New recipes 
I haven't don't this one yet...but I knew that would happen...Today was a little crazy between work and being lazy...lol

I bought a new toy today

I am going to use it tomorrow for dinner...We are going to turn zucchini into spaghetti and eat it with Italian sausage...Tomorrow I am also going to look into making white chicken chili (Keep an eye out for a recipe)

Watch out tomorrow for another update!!!

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