Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reflections- Day 6

Boy was today a crazy one. As I write this I am laying in my bed. Thanks to the blogger app I am to keep my posting streak going despite the fact that I would rather skip it. I am exhausted!

First (and this was my kids favorite) we ate breakfast in the car so my hubby could go to the chiropractor. This meant that I drank my morning protein shake and my kids munched on fruit and drank their carnations instant breakfast...they are nerds and enjoyed this way too much.

The whole reason that we went with the hubby was because we were buying the kids new bikes. My daughter hoped and prayed (she is the only religious one in our house which I support cuz I believe that kids should find their own path and not blindly follow mine...anyways...) She prayed that she would find a purple bike with a black seat...the bike she fell in love with has a dark purple frame and a black seat with graffiti on it...She is in 2nd grader heaven.

My son's bike is just as awesome his is Lightening McQueen and has a tool kit on the front.

So after we purchased the bikes we couldn't just go home we HAD to go the track near our house and try them out. The kids had a blast and were both sad when it was time to go.

You see we had to leave cuz we had a Birthday party to get to at a local gymnastic place. Again the kids had a blast and thanks to a large amount of cake they were both still standing.

After the party my daughter's besty came over for dinner then we had to run to a Girl Scout neighborhood Campfire!

Which didn't end until 9 pm...

After this day I needed a
All of this brings me to my revelation...

I NEED to go through my clothes and say goodbye. Today I was wearing one of my most favorite tank tops and the thing is it was big on me when I weighed 330 pounds let alone now weighing 260.

It is horrible and huge and dare I say frumpy...

So that is my big revelation to share with all of you.

Good night and see you tomorrow!!!

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