Sunday, June 1, 2014 was a rough one!

You would think that having a kid free night with your hubby would cure all that ails you...but for some didn't.

I woke up tired and just feeling...yucky....That is my big grown up word for how I felt.

After being up for about an hour I feel asleep on the couch which was the worst mistake I could have made. It is like sleeping on a medieval torture device....H O R I B B L E !!!

I just seemed/felt/have been feeling so angry lately...I need to work on this before it manifests in other ways.

Anyways, to touch on that later, my baby girl had a softball game today.

They won...she was SUPER excited and they had a blast.

I apologize for the randomness in this post...I am just trying to get these thoughts out of my head...

So after all was said and done I went out for a was horrible...

I only ran about 1.34 miles before I started walking. That means that I walked 1.66 miles. I had to finish because I was out side and I had to finish or not go home. Again, I felt icky...yucky...gross...and just wanted to give up. But I didn't, I didn't call my hubby and make him come get me.

I even finished my Day 1 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

So with this randomness...I am going to go to bed...and sleep and hope to get up and run again in the morning.

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