Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full fledged promise!

Goal #1 - Posting

This I have been keeping this up...but only

I have enjoyed keeping in touch with all of you.

I never know how far my blog actually goes or if I help any one...but helping others was only ever intended to be a side effect of this entire process. This entire blog was started for me...So that I could have a place to put my thoughts into words in order to reflect over them in the future. You might be surprised to find out how much solace I find in reading my past good times and bad. It reminds me all the time that this is a process. I didn't gain 165 pounds over a few months and I can't realistically expect to lose it in that time.

It is amazing to me how much time can go on between the start and the finish of a post. I started writing this at eleven this morning and it is now ten at night and I am still writing...and haven't gotten all that far along.

So with that....I am gunna move on to exercise

Goal # 2 - Exercise

I haven't done much. I hurt my knee last Sunday and it just won't let me do much.

Goal # 3 - Food

This has been REALLY good. I decided that if I couldn't work out my eating had to be on point....This is what my lunch looked liked...

I ate it every was AWESOME!

Goal # 4 - New Recipes

I made fish tacos....This is not a new thing...I LOVE fish taco goodness... What is new is the spicy cole slaw on top. I have included it with my fish taco recipe on my Recipes page.

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