Sunday, June 15, 2014

Catch up and some NSVs

Technically I posted yesterday...I just did it on facebook!

So I still haven't broken my

So here is what is going on with me!

This weekend was N U T Z!

We had softball games and laziness to achieve and Father's Day to celebrate.

After my daughter's softball game (which they won btw) my hubby and I (kid free at this point) went shopping.

We bought a new dinning room table that I love. It is call the Enormous table which is totally fitting since it can seat 12 people. We only bought 6 chairs but it will be AWESOME. When I get it put together I will take a photo.

Anywho, after furniture shopping we went to Kohl's. They had everything on sale (as usual) but they also had a 20% off coupon. I am suffering from the fact that I bought ALL of my work clothes back in December. When it is cold....Now it is in the 90's most days and my long sleeve shirts are KILLING me!

So with that I went into the plus size section found a shirt that I liked...grabbed the 1x (my go to size) and went on my way. After I had found a few shirts, one of which was a large but looked like it might fit, I went to the fitting room. I slipped into the shirt that I REALLY liked but didn't think would fit. And you know what...IT FREAKEN FIT!!!


Keep in mind at this point, I didn't think much of it. Figured it was just an over sized version of the shirt and had nothing to do with me. So with that I moved on to a shirt by the same designer that I also loved. This one I grabbed in an XL. I can typically slip into them if they are stretchy enough.

This time was different...I slipped into the shirt and was totally confused. I walked out to confer with my hubby. This is what I said...."Uh....Ok...It is just me...or does this look too big?" The look on his face was more of an answer than I needed...The shirt was too big!!!

Never in my life have I put back a shirt because it was too BIG. Typically it was because it was too small or wasn't cut well for my fatness...but this moment...was AWESOME!!!

All of the 1X shirts that I picked up were GINORMOUS!!!

I did manage to find a few shirts in a smaller size. First grabbing the XL and then moving on the L...So here is a photo of my NSV

That shirt you see there is in fact a L...It is a cute little Croft and Barrow tank top...I love it! and it looks GOOD if I do say so myself!

I also bought a cute little maxi dress that is an XL...

I should have been braver and went outside my typically black go to but baby steps I say...

Ok, off to bed...have an audit tomorrow and need my sleep but I wanted to share!

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