Saturday, June 7, 2014

I struggle

This is something that I almost never REALLY write about.

I mean I mention them...I touch base on them a little...but I never really TRULY speak of them.

Today was a struggle.

My band doesn't stop head hunger or lack of self control.

If I eat when I am not hungry, or eat more than I need too...that is on me.

After this point is when the self loathing kicks in....The negative self talk gets to you and you turn to old vices. "Well, I already f-ed up my day why not go for the gold." So then you turn and you eat more...

And the vicious cycle continues.

The only saving grace is that, unlike in the past, I can't eat as much as I once could. I can't overeat since the band just won't let.

So at least in this instance it slows me down.

It helps a little

I found myself reverting back to the days when I was almost afraid to allow myself to feel hungry. I would eat because it seemed like "it was about time" or that "Would be hungry soon." or the absolute worst one...I am NOT hungry AT ALL and I would eat because those around me were eating...

I am hoping that going to bed will reset my brain...I am hoping for a better tomorrow!

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  1. been there girl... honestly any time I am at home I have to fight myself and its hard .a it sucks to know it will be a battle forever with me