Friday, June 13, 2014

So not feeling it today

The said thing that I am only what 15 days into my 30 and I am already waining...

My exercise plan hasn't worked out how I planned but a lot of that has more to do with things outside of my control...This may sound like a cop-out and all but even I have to learn that I do not have control over my hormones.

One thing you should know about that I HATE taking medication.

I hate feeling like I am dependent upon find peace.

With that...I have returned to the habit of taking Melatonin supplements before I go to bed. I tend to avoid this particular supplement. It gives me some REALLY FREAKY messed up dreams after prolonged use. That was with only 1/2 a tablet. Lately I have been taking a full tablet. I have to admit that the extra sleep and beginning to feel like a person again has been nice!

I refuse to get mad at myself for my set backs...I haven't given up and that in and of itself is a win for me!

Anyways...getting off my soap

Had another stay-cation day today...

We went to the The National Museum of Transportation.

It is little boy heaven!

We rode the train about 9,000 times and then there was a million steps.

Because of the 10,000 steps I took made it so that I didn't have to workout today...That is ALWAYS a bonus...other then the fact that I MISS working out. Perhaps I will build it into my day tomorrow!

All right...I am tired...the Melatonin has kicked in...and I need bed!

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  1. I have so missed reading all the blogs. Trying to get back at it. Hang in there. The medication thing I totally relate to. I would love to get off the cholesterol meds I have to take. So glad to see you are still sharing :)