Monday, June 23, 2014

Catch up and Such

So I haven't checked in in a

So I thought that I would...

Things have been nuts...Since the last time I checked in my Mom has moved into her apartment. This has been nuts...the nice thing is though that I have burned a million calories a day taking my kids swimming. Each kid wants me to swim laps with them. My thighs have never been this sore!

My eating has been crap...well that isn't true...based on the options I had I did pretty damn good...other than the ice cream from Oberwise (my weakness) I did pretty good.

All of this together makes me nervous for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is weigh in day...

I don't really want to use my weight from last month...and I don't think I am going to. In all technicalities it was artificial. My weigh in had taken place after an unfill that caused me to go without food and liquid for almost three days. I lost ten pounds from Friday to Sunday...By the time Wednesday came around I was still on liquids but had gained back three of those ten pounds...leaving me down more then I should have been..

I guess I will decide in the morning what I wanna do...

Man looking back over June, this entire month has not gone how I planned...that is ok is all about adjusting and rolling with the punches...

Ok...that is all I have today...check in with you later!

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