Saturday, August 17, 2013

OMG Kill me now....

I got an unexpected fill on Thursday.

It was unexpected in the sense that prior to yesterdays appointment, I always had a standing appointment that I made at the appointment before....

It had been two months since I had had a fill and I was just hungry all the time. I also noticed that I was eating more food then I had been. So I called them up and they squeezed me in.

That went well...I was a little amazed that they put in 1cc. They had me do a barium swallow and everything seemed fine. I stuck to my liquid diet and everything went well...Until lunch on Friday...

I ate a salmon pattie...I love these things....but I ate one that I didn't make. I assumed something that I shouldn't have. In result I couldn't keep anything down yesterday.

Apparently, I read the ingredient list AFTER eating it, they were mostly bread crumb and bread crumbs contain gluten....OMG did I just wish I could die.

I ended the day with a bucket next to my bed...I couldn't even keep water down the PBing was so bad.

Today hasn't been quite as bad. I have been able to get 54 ounces of electrolyte liquid in my system...I FINALLY managed to keep down an batch of egg salad. I WAS SO EXCITED!!! It was the first food I had eaten in three days...

Today is the first time that my calories had been over 600 since my fill...

I am thankful that it is passing but from here on out I am going to read every label on every food I even THINK about eating.


  1. Yikes sorry to hear about your PB-attack. Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  2. So sorry Glad you are feeling better now