Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shopping...and other things I hate

I am being initiated in to BAP on Thursday.

This requires that I be in "Business Dress"

I own exactly one pair of "dress slacks"...Here is a photo of me in them....

I look like a little kid who is trying to wear her mother's work is REALLY hard for me to believe that I EVER fit in those pants!

Here is that elusive side view pull love this photo....

Anyways...needless to say I need dress clothes so I went to Kohls.

Let's start this out by saying that I HATE shopping. I especially HATE clothes shopping. All department stores assume that an overweight women wants to look like she is wearing a paisley printed trash bag. I am not one of these women. I also HATE wearing a shirt I know one of my dearly departed Grandmother's (Both live to be 95) would have LOVED!

So on I went with exactly 60 minutes allotted for my torture. I found a few cute things. I am very excited to learn that I can now wear an XL. Not a 1X plus size shirt, but an XL from the "normal" people section.
Here is a classic dressing room mirror photo with my pink phone in hand. I can wear an XL and it doesn't even look all that tight on me. The pants are a size 22w. I can easily fit into most 20W but the only "curvy fit" pants had that stupid panel in the front that relocates your fatness ABOVE the belt (which I hate) so I opted for one size bigger to avoid that. I have made good progress. When I started this I barely fit into a 26W!

Here is what I found.
An XL hounds tooth tank top and a pair of pants total cost of $36. Finished off with the ONLY jacket that I kept from my previous employed life and you get....
I think it shall work. The jacket only looks a smidgen big on me but I think I can get away with it for a while.

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  1. Fantastic! I love dressing room photos because I feel like I'm shopping with my sorority sistas and we are helping each other pick out clothes!! Thanks for sharing!