Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Revelations...

Firstly, chest colds SUCK ASS! This cough is making me feel icky...Hope it passes soon.

Ok on to my revelations I had this weekend.

I read an article, "Peoples Choice" about Ideal Body Weight. It said that most people determine their ideal body weight based on the weight they started at. They found that women in particular would chose a higher "ideal weight" if they had more then 100 pounds to lose versus if they had less then 50.

I began pondering this...It spent about a week bouncing around my head...

I realized that I fall perfectly into this description. My husband has always believed that I could get smaller then the 190 pounds I wanted to weigh at the beginning of this journey....

Lately though....I have found no reason to believe that I can't get down to 150 pounds. That is the tippy top range of the weight range for my height. I have a medium large bone structure so I am fairly certain that I can't get down to the 130s without looking emaciated. I am just not built that way...

But there is NO reason I can think of that I can't have the body that I do want. I want to be fit not thin...I want to get as small as I can while still looking the way that I want...

I am gunna I tell you!


  1. great post. I too aim for Fit.. and Healthy opposed to skinny or thin :)

  2. I agree. For me, it's hard to set a goal weight, because I have never been that size as an adult. So I have no idea, for example, of what I will look like when I am 150 lbs. But yeah, I would love to find out!!

  3. Im like Banded in Texas, I have set me a ''goal weight'' but its only the first of a
    After I reach the first one, I will aim for the second one, then the third....well that one is part fantasy part hopefully attainable. :)