Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 2 recap...yeah we can go with that

Day 2 wasn't as great at Day 1....

That is NOT to say that it was horrible!

Food was as follows: (Goal / Actual)
Calories: 1200 / 1488
Protein - 100 / 95
Carbohydrates -30 / 59 (23 of which were 3/4 cup of grapes)
Fat - 96
Fiber - 14
Sugar - 10 / 29 (20 of which came from 3/4 cup of grapes)

Calories burn -2850 / 3609

I was very proud of myself...I got my run in yesterday between classes. I have to admit the treadmills at the school gym were a bit weird but they got the job done just fine. In fact it was kinda fun...

Got mocked by some preppy thin girl who was using the machine just down from me.

I never let these people bother me...apparently I bother them by existing since only skinny people should be in the gym but still....I hate people like this. I am a hugely confident person. I like me just fine. I don't really give a crap what some skinny chicka with a chip on her shoulder thinks...but there are other people in the world. Other overweight women and men who want to change their lives. All they need is the access and maybe even a little motivation to just stick to it. If the person this girl had spoken to the way she did to me, wasn't me, she could have shamed her into leaving. That is such a shame.

Anyways...on to better days!


  1. Are you serious? What the hell? From another woman? Why are we so mean to each other when we should be each other's biggest supporters.

  2. I can't believe someone was actually such a jerk to you in the gym. Good for you for sticking to your guns! I have been going to my gym forever, so if anyone did that to me, I'd feel comfortable enough to report her to the management, who would absolutely be against that kind of behavior. But you're right, too many insecure newbie exercisers would be driven away by it.

  3. I tell myself that they (people who make fun of people) are just compensating for their own insecurities... So that way I pity them, instead of clobbering them. :-)