Friday, September 20, 2013

Just a little late...

Beginning Weight (12/20/2012)- 330.6

Last Week’s Weight – 274.2

Today’s Weight – 275

Total Weight Loss – 55.6

I wasn't late weighing in...I am late in signing in...

Life has been stressful.

Nursing an injury sucks emotionally for me. I don't know how it affects anyone else, but I get down. I get mad at myself and at my body. I mean, here I am trying to better my life...I am trying to get into shape and my body won't let me...When I get emotional I eat. It isn't that I eat a lot, but I start craving things I shouldn' pasta!

So I am back on track and I have a new plan...


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  1. i know what you mean about the injury thing. i tend to fall down and sprain an ankle, skin up my knees, or something that makes it painful to work out--and it always happens when i'm totally rocking the exercise. you'll get past this and things will be better. Just tough it out. Chin up! And know that we are all behind you!