Monday, September 30, 2013

H O L Y C R A P ! ! ! ! !

I have a job interview on Friday!

I have not been on an interview since April of 2007!....That is like 6.5 years!

I haven't had a job since January of 2010!

I have been happily playing the role of stay at home mom and full time student for the last three years, but the time in my school career for an internship has arrived!

I am interviewing at Edward Jones for their tax hotline internship...I have also signed up to interview for the RDP...It is their full time positions for recent college graduates...I really really hope I get both!


  1. As a veteran of many successful job interviews, and also someone who has interviewed many job candidates, my advice is to try to appear relaxed and confident. If you really don't know something, admit it, but be sure to add that you're confident in your ability to learn new things, or something like that. Good luck! I'm sure you'll knock their socks off!