Friday, September 27, 2013

For the first time in 39 weeks...

I have missed a weigh in....

As you know I typically weigh in on Wednesdays...

Well this Wednesday, I had to be up by 5 and out of the house by 6:30am.

I had to take the GMAT

The GMAT is the Graduate Management Aptitude Test. It is the standard entrance exam when you are applying to graduate school. At my particular school they don't have a requirement per se...but they have this "discovery" they quote. It states that they have found that people who get less then 500 in total score and less then a 30 in the quantitative section tend to struggle or fail to pass the MAcc progam.

After all the stress and studying...I pulled off a 580 and a 39 respectively. While those scored only put me in the 55th percentile (I scored higher then 55% of all people that have taken this exam in the last 5 years) I am happy with it. People that take the GMAT aren't like the general public that take the ACT/SAT.  They actually WANT to get a good grade to accomplish something..

So anyways...between all of this test stuff I forgot to step on the scale.

Since my weight fluctuates SO drastically from day to day I am just going to wait until next Wednesday to weigh in...

Oh, and I got the all clear to "try" running again...I shall keep you posted!


  1. Congrats on your test scores! Don't sweat missing a weigh in. Luckily there are more weigh ins to come. One day at a time! Running has become something I enjoy. I started the C25K back in February and never thought I would be able to do it. I still don't run fast but I have picked up time over the last 7 months. And the fact that I run at all is still amazing to me. Keep trying! You are looking great! Keep up the good work!

  2. awesome you can start back with running.. I love it and it has completly re-shaped my body.. And Great Job on the test scores! you go girl

  3. If I miss my weighin, I just do next morning. Congrats on getting back to running