Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Documentaries and information overload

I am sure that you have all been there...scrolling though Netflix and looking for something ANYTHING to watch in the wee hours of the night in which there is NOTHING on TV. Which is pretty normal with our cable company. We spend $100 a month and watch maybe three channels (Four if you count Food Network on Fridays when Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives is on).

Any whoozle, I was paging though Netflix and found this documentary called Hungry for Change. Before I go into detail about this infomercial documentary, I need to first explain that watch these things like I am Richard Roper and thousands of people around the world are waiting on baited breath for my review. I know this isn't true but it doesn't stop me in the moment. In the moment I listen and judge and ponder the information I receive  I hardly ever turn it off early even when I disagree with it and I do my best to listen to the information.

Now on to Hungry for Change, Hungry for Change starts out by following a down trodden women named Jane who is having a "Fat Week". She works long hours and has shitty nutrition all the while trying to impress a man named Jason who works in her office. Though out the movie we watch this shy attractive women who obviously hates herself go though all the motions that the "experts" spout as to why people now a days are overweight and unhealthy.By the end of the movie, Jane had turned her life around and the infomercial documentary ended with her new outlook on life.

I remember watching this movie and half way though wondering when exactly this "Informational Documentary" turned into a "Infomercial". While the information about removing the toxins, eating more like humans did when we first pulled ourselves out of the primordial ooze I agree with 100%. I just found myself wondering if the movie was going to turn the way of the meat hating "Only eat vegan" platform that so many "diet" documentaries do.

I would say, if you are looking for information and are anti-low fat (such as myself) give it a chance. It doesn't suck...

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