Thursday, January 3, 2013

Head hunger

I find myself today fighting with the dreaded "head hunger"and it is driving me CRAZY!

Head hunger for those of you that don't know what it is, is the desire to eat regardless of the fact that you are not hungry. Head hunger, in my opinion, is not always a bad thing if you are in fact hungry. In that case it just makes you a little crazy about what exactly you WANT to eat. There will be times when I am hungry and my head hunger is at its worse and I am like "Ooo...I want a Chick-fil-a sandwich, McDonalds french fry, and two tacos from Taco Bell." While that might end up costing me a pretty penny for dinner and in gas at the end I was going to eat anyways...

Anywho, the type of head hunger I have been battling with today is the BAD kind. The kind that persist that you should everything in your house that is not nailed down, and some things that are, regardless of the fact that if you ACTUALLY listen to your body your will find that if you were to pass even one morsel of food past your lips you would most likely throw up.

Today I took my kids to Chick-Fil-A (was testing/celebrating my ability to drive after being off the pain meds) and I found the MOST exciting thing ever...They have brought back their Chicken Tortilla Soup. It is by far my most favorite thing on their menu and they only have it a few months out of the year. So I bought a large soup with the intention of running it though the blender (which I did). MAN did I want to eat that soup...My stomach kept telling my brain that if even a drop of food entered my stomach it would revolt and return it to sender but it didn't stop my brain from telling me that I NEEDED to eat the soup.

In the end I won the battle, which is a HUGE NSV (non-scale victory) for me. In the past I would give in to my head hunger. I wouldn't necessarily eat what my brain was telling me I wanted, but I would eat something. In the end I would not only emotionally regret the decision but I would also regret the gassy crampy feeling in my gut that my stomach tried to warn me of.

Needless to say, although I already have, head hunger SUCKS!...But today I am proud of myself. I did end up eating my soup, but only after my STOMACH told me that I was hungry...not my head!


  1. Welcome to band land. Lap band gal sent me. Good job fighting your head hunger. I know how much that sux. I still struggle with it. My bordem tries to feed me. I was banded 10/15/12. I'm at I look forward to following your journey! Thanks for sharing!

  2. welcome the to the Band! Lap band gal sent me so I wanted to show you some love. Congrats on your life changing desicion. I was banded a month before you (nov 27) so I can't really guide you but I will help and encourage you. Good Luck with your journey.

  3. oh and don't forget to add the "followers" tab so I can follow you.

  4. Lap band gal sent me, I want to say congratulations on your surgery and I cant wait to see how good you will do, I was banded on November 1st 2012 so I am not that far ahead. And as Deidre said as soon as you add followers tab I´ll follow you

  5. Hi there! LBG sent me. Hang in there with the head hunger. I was banded 10/16 and I am just now getting restriction. It WILL get easier.

  6. Hey! LBG sent me!! Looking forward to following your success!! I'm going to be banded in June! You can find my blog at!! Come check it out!!

  7. Hello! New follower here :) Can't wait to see how you progress in your journey! Myself, I'm currently waiting on my surgical clinic to review all of my preliminary tests & new patient peperwork; I hope to get a call soon and then I can meet with my surgeon. You can find me at

    Good luck!!!! :)