Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Weigh In Week 6

Beginning Weight (12/20/2012) - 330.6

Last Weeks Weight - 309.2

Today's Weight - 310.0

Total Weight Loss- 20.6

Well...I gained...I forgot to take a picture of the scale this morning and didn't remember until AFTER I had eaten my breakfast...Meh it doesn't really matter...

I am up .8 from last week. For those of you whom are on MyFitnessPal with me know that I have been failing struggling this week. Beatrice (my lapband) has gone on vacation the last few weeks....I have been eat WAY more then I should and the only person I have to blame is myself...

Anywho, today is typically my cheat day, but since I have pretty much been cheating for the last week I haven't earned is a privilege NOT a right.

So today I have take control of my eating and with the help of my new Body Media band I am gathering more information that will help me for next week!

Oh...and here was dinner at Panera...

280 Calories 23g of protien

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