Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Weigh-in... Week 5!

Beginning Weight (12/20/2012) - 330.6

Last Weeks Weight - 312.2

Today's Weight - 309.2

Total Weight Loss- 21.2

Well....I have to admit that I am a bit shocked by the scale this week. That doesn't happen often. Typically I am either happy with/surprised and giddy/or saddened by the scale. A lot of time I am also disappointed in myself when the scale confirms how I felt about my progress over the week....That is how I thought I would be feeling this week.

I wouldn't go as far as saying that I was wasn't like I ate an entire pizza and six gallons of ice cream every day...but my average calories intake was 1900 calories. According to my bodybugg, my average calorie burn was 3071. Giving me a deficit of 1171. According to the "Calorie in/ Calorie Out" theory I should have lost 2.2 pounds. So I guess it wasn't as off as I thought it was! (Totally only did the math while I was writing this post)

In other news:



  1. Congrats!! Bodybugg, huh...would you say yours was worth the money? I'm frugal (known in some parts of the world as a cheapass) :)

    1. I LOVE LOVE my Bodybugg...I have been using it for 109 weeks (according to my log). I haven't lost much weight while using it until now. It , like the band, is simply a tool. It keeps me honest. A trip to the grocery store does NOT burn off the calories in the doughnut that I ate before I got home, and I have a graph that shows it. I would suggest to check out the new bodymedia core. I am not sure how they work 100% but they are $120 and the monthly subscription fee is lower!