Thursday, January 24, 2013

New toys!!!

I FINALLY broke down and bought myself a new broke down I mean my husband basically begged me for his own mental sanity that I spend the $500 bucks to get me a phone that I like instead of bitching about the piece of junk shitty brick of technology that even though I got it for free I felt I got ripped off and paid too much for! *takes a breath*

Anyways...I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII...Some people might think I am nuts since next month T-mobile (I LOVE YOU!) starts carrying the iPhone5 (I HATE YOU!)...but I hate apple products...and I will leave it at that....I am SO SO SO excited about my new phone.

My second toy is a replacement for something else I already bodybugg!...I have recently purchased a new Body Media Core for $120 bucks...My main reasoning for this was a few things. I currently pay $10 a month for the online subscription service. For that I get to know my calorie burn, steps, and physical activity. With the new Body Media Core sensor I pay $7 a month and I get calorie burn, steps, sleep patterns and efficiency (I am a shitty sleeping so I am most excited about this), activity, activity intensity, AND AND I get to use myfitnesspal to log my calories instead of the SHITTY logging system on the Bodybugg....I am so excited and I will update you when I get to use it...which might not be until August!
:(...but I digress...Have a GREAT Thursday night!

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  1. I have never heard of a Body Media Core. I just Googled it, and it looks really interesting! Have fun with your new toys!!