Friday, January 18, 2013 inspired by a fellow blogger!

So TTT stands for Ten Things Thursday....I LOVE reading Harmony's blog! Every Thursday she puts up a list of ten things. Some of them have to do with her kids, husband. or weight loss journey...But I love them all...So I thought that I could copy her idea!

1) TGIF - Friday you ask since it is actually Thursday!. My adorable kindergartner L is off from school tomorrow since the teachers have an "In Service day". So tonight we are celebrating an early Friday and tomorrow...THE ZOO!!!!

2) Three Week Band-iversary! I am officially allowed to eat normal solid food again. Well except nuts...for whatever reason I can't have nuts for two more months...Not a huge loss to be honest! I am super excited about getting to eat my pizza again...I am kinda addicted to Papa Murphy's Gourmet Italian pizza on the DeLite crust. At only 112 calories a slice (my slices are 1/16th of the pizza)  and 6g of protein they are my Friday night crack!

3) GS Cookie Sales - Cookie sales are going well...L is VERY good at selling the cookies even though I don't know if she she actually knows WHY she is selling the cookies but she does know that she gets "prizes". I decided that is why she is so motivated...she wants the cheap crap that they offer as a My hubby on the other hand is determined to get my daughter up to 500 boxes...his reasons are his own and because of the potential audience I will keep them to myself!

4) Kid Free Friday - Normally my mother-in-law takes the grand kids on New Years Eve for a Popcorn party and sleep over. Well this year my poor sister in law and mother in law were suffering from the plague for pretty much all of the Christmas holiday. So in the end, the party didn't happen...Instead it is happening tomorrow night. That means that from 5pm until after breakfast the next day my hubby and I are kid free. We are going to go to a movie and possibly out to dinner after D gets off work!

5) Best friends you have never met - I am a self proclaimed geek. I LOVE/LIVE Star Trek crap. I am pretty sure I can spout off more useless knowledge about the Star Trek universe then most historians can spout about real things that ACTUALLY happened...If I were a normal person I would think this was sad and pathetic but instead it is just one of the many reasons that I am AWESOME!!!

Anyways...the point in divulging this not so secret information is to explain why I do the hobby that I do...I am a Simmer...Simming is a type of RPing (Role Playing) in which you write out a story as a character. In the instances of my simming I typically play females (writing a male when you are a female typically leads to writing that lets everyone else know that you are actually a chick)...and I love that I get to write with tons of other people who are just as much into Star Trek and RPing as I am. Though this I have met some very interesting people...Including my besty...He is (and I call him this often) my brother from another mother. I LOVE that I have him in my life and our conversations made me think of those new Discover card ads where the person on the other end is yourself...If I could be in two places at once I would totally think I was talking to myself...Love you!

6) Gun Control - I don't plan on making it habit of spouting my political beliefs in this medium but this was in fact a major conversation that has been taking place in my life as of late. All I have to say is this...I grew up in a state where it was legal (all be it a blue law) that it was legal to shot any part of a persons body that was on your property without your expressed permission...I like guns...guns keep shit head criminals from piliging and plundering my house hold...I am a damn good shot...I have gone though all the necessary back ground checks and I suffer from no major (or minor for that matter) psychological issues...So for the near future I will keep my guns and if some shit head decides to shoot up a location near me I will gladly shoot back!

7) Little DJ - My little two year old is the love of my life...His father used to hold this title but if the choice came down I would choose DJ over is just the role of a little shit is A D O R A B L E!  The major issues is that he KNOWS that he is cute. He attempts to use this as a weapon and it really only works on his grandparents and the unsuspecting strangers that we meet throughout the day. His little grin just lights up my day...Here is one of my most favorite photos of him for your enjoyment!
See what I mean?!

8) My Not So Little L - My daughter is the a carbon copy of me from when I was a kid. Everything from the weird way that she holds her pencil to her obsession to reading anything with letters on it. She could easily talk your socks off and your actually listening is irrelevant. She is four years older then DJ and is like his second mommy...This doesn't include the instances when she attempts to goad him into doing things he shouldn't or when she "Accidentally convinces him to climb on her back and then bucks him on the couch" Notice the emphasis on "ACCIDENTALLY" she is completely convinced that if she starts any explanation with this phrase then she shouldn't get in trouble. Here is a photo of her...just cuz I can!
I make some CUTE babies if I do say so myself!

9) Weight restriction during recovery - I was told on discharge from the surgical center that I was not supposed to lift anything over 20 pounds. This is not the easiest thing to do when you have a 2 year old who weights 29.75 pounds. He is not heavy to me in the slightest. Picking up L is a noticeable weight, but not my cute, sweet, adorable, lovable, kissable, little DJ. So as you can imagine, I think I obeyed that rule for all of four days...Once my hubby went back to work and I was on my own taking care of my son he was picked up at least once a day. I still have a week of "following" that rule but since I carried him most of the way though the local grocery store today I don't think that is going to happen. I don't do it on purpose it just kinda of happens!

10) Ten Things Thursday - I have to admit this was a little harder then I thought it would be. I will have to keep a list for next week so that I am not sitting here at midnight Friday morning trying to complete my list! (I know this was slightly cheating but if you have read this far into my post I am sure you are just as happy as I am that I am

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