Saturday, March 2, 2013

Holy Moly

OMG....That lovely white board you see above is my home made "Slide Board" also known as a Laterial Trainer. (I mentioned it in my FFF post) I have been looking forward to using this for the first time since I had decided to make one.

The while thing was once again the brilliant idea of my wonderful hubby.

It is FUN!...but good lord my inner thighs are all shaky and already sore...It is going to suck tomorrow morning!

For those of you want one but don't want to pay $175 here is what I did.

1 - 7'x2' melamine board ($31 at home depot in the aisle with all the specialty boards)
2 - 2"x3" boards each 2' long. ($1.92 for an 8'piece...Just like the melimine board Home Depot will cut it to size for you
2 - 6' pieces of pipe insulation for 1" pipes cut into a total of 4 2' pieces ($1.67 each)
Screws, drill, and staple gun
Non skid drawer liner

Cover 2"x3" board with foam (I used the staple gun and put two layers of foam). Screw into melamine board (pre drill with a bit the same size as the screws you use. If you don't you will crack the board and have to start over)  Flip over board and staple drawer liner, this keeps it from sliding across the floor when your foot slams into the stopper.

Flip over, coat with a thin layer of Pledge, don your wool socks and get to sliding.

Calorie burn - 160 calories burned for 15 minutes on slide board.

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  1. That board looks interesting. I haven't used one. I am going to have to look this up, I'm not even sure what it is LOL. Good for you being so efficient! Keep it up!