Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Look what I found

Found a random post-it in a drawer in my desk. I almost crumpled it up and tossed it but decided to read what was written on it before I did.

I have to admit that I am glad I did!

I remember sitting down to write this list when I started my pre-op diet. I had meant to have more items on it, but I had gotten sidetracked.

This also explains why this important (a determination I only made yesterday) piece of paper was never put where it should have been. I mean I even used the thing to test my new ball stamper...lol

I found this list at just the right time. I am pretty certain that I am not going to have the weight loss results I want for this week or even this month. When I found this list it reminded me that I am simply three months out since I had a life changing surgery. I am not at my green zone and I have not mastered this. I have to remember to give myself a year to "Adapt to life with Lap-Band" I can't expect to have it perfectly figured out in three months. I may not even have it completely figured out in a year.


  1. Great insights! Glad you located your important post-it. ;-)

  2. Keep that post-it note...it will be great to see it in a year and see where you are at!