Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well, I as promised I am blogging again today...

Today has been a good day...School was boring which isn't a huge change. I am so done...I just want to graduate. I have been in school since my daughter was 6 months old...ugh!

Food wise I did great today. I am not sure when the change occurred but the torture that I used to go though when I was making food choices seem to be gone. Making the "right" choices don't feel like a sacrifice. They feel like choice I want to make. I would much rather have a protein shake then an order of frys.

Physical activity is also going well. I had a kid free afternoon so after eating some lunch I went to Jazzercise where I burned 679 calories (according to my Body Media band). After which I had to run out to my dad's to pick up one of my children. Apparently my daughter has figured out that spring break means she doesn't have school during the week and has decided to live at Grandpa's house. So my little man and I came home.

After I put him to bed I did Week 2 Day 2 of my Couch25K program, burning 418 calories according to my band. Keep in mind these numbers include the calories I would have burned had I been sitting around doing nothing. I burn on average 1.6 calories a minute at rest. So that is 96 calories an hour and 48 calories in a half hour. Anyways...I am pretty proud of myself...sore but proud.

My awesome sweaty goodness after my SECOND workout of the day!

Off until tomorrow!

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  1. Good Job today! So great that the changes you have made are starting to feel "normal"! Keep it up!